Skin Care Review

2 Layers of the Skin: Epidermis and Dermis

Causes of Skin Wrinkling:
1. Extreme temperature
2. Lack of sleep

Eyebags – tea bags, cucumber, rose petals
3. Worrying
4. Sun

1. Discover skin type
- Normal: soft, fine
- Dry: lines
- Oily: sticky, moist, blackheads, pimples)
- Combination: oily T-zone
- Sensitive

2. Follow the daily skin care regimen
- Cleansing
- Toning
- Moisturizing

3. Once or twice a week routine
Facial massage 2x once
Hot towel/facial steam
Peel off mask once 2x
Toner (Ice/cold water)


1. Egg whites – beat slightly
(with honey or calamansi)

2. Yolk + 1 tbsp vinegar –oily skin

3. Evap + calamansi

4. Tomatoes/pineapple/apple

5. Oatmeal

6. Avocado

7. Potato

8. Lemon – for lightening of freckles

9. Mashed banana (latundan) with calamansi

10. Yellow ginger


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