Restaurant Review: Mr. Rockefeller

Mr. Rockefeller restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati boasts of its spanking good oysters. That I would still have to try out. Watch out for another review when I get to try their oysters. When we went there all we ordered were three servings of pasta and three plates of steaks (fish, beef and pork). Each plate was in generous American sized servings. The photo below is Grandma’s Steak (less than PhP 400), if I am not mistaken.

Another generous plate of buttered fish entree. Next time I promise to jot down every dish name. We were there for a late lunch that’s why everything was rushed. This restaurant is one of its kind: a refreshing and relaxing ambiance, big food servings, topped with great service. The lady who served our table handed out crayons and paper to our little boy. Friendly crew. An ideal place for friends and families to go and enjoy good food at reasonable price.

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