Mattress Review: Sleep Comfort Memory Foam

It was when our six year old Salem mattress gave way when we decided to switch to SleepComfort Memory Foam by Uratex. I don’t know if it was because we so got used to the old mattress where the springs are almost sticking out (or atleast it came to a point that we felt them poking on our poor backs) that switching to this memory foam gave us the most comfortable sleep. This particular memory foam is constructed using a visco elastic foam on top of a polyurethane base which enables the foam to mold or cradle the body in such a way that it dramatically eases pressure and feels superbly comfortable.

All those back aches I used to have for the longest time are now a thing of the past. Its ten year warranty and the real comfort it has given us since makes the price immaterial. It is not very pricey as compared to other high end brands but it’s not the cheapest either. We got our queen size memory foam bed for close to $300 seven months ago.

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2 Responses to “Mattress Review: Sleep Comfort Memory Foam”

  1. jenny Says:

    I would like to ask if this senso memory bed has two option like hard and soft?If you have hard type of this senso memory mattress..can i have your contact number pls and i will call you a.s.a.p to get more info?Thank you

  2. Zach Smith Says:

    It’s nice to know you found a memory foam mattress that will work for your body. Although this mattress can really help in alleviating back pains, not all people find it the perfect choice for such a problem. This is most likely because they have chosen the wrong mattress density. Memory foams are all about the density. Memory foam mattresses with 4 pounds of density are better for people suffering from lower back pains. if you have upper back pains, a firmer mattress is a good choice.

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