Second Hand Book Shopping and E-Books

I love reading and I love books. It is a blessing that an uncle from the states gifted us with a library of books that overflow our four huge book shelves. Although it takes a lot of space in our tiny house, this is still a treasure for us to have. We use them a lot in our ministry.


Although we already have a considerable library in our home, I still cannot stop myself from visiting bookstores. I have this particular leaning and it is towards second hand book stores. In fact, this is where I found one of my favorite books, James Dobson’s, The Strong-Willed Child. Shopping books from second hand stores certainly takes the guilt away from being a contributor to lesser trees on the forests. Plus, there were even times that I get promotional water bottles and pens with my loot.

From that shift to brand new book to second hand ones, I am slowly evolving to a lover of e-books. No more pages to turn and no more having to carry that current book in your bag, every time.

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3 Responses to “Second Hand Book Shopping and E-Books”

  1. Mommy R Says:

    Hello Mommy Jen! Can we exchange links here at ? I have added this one already. Hope you can add me too. :)

    Just leave me a comment at any of my latest posts. Thanks!

  2. earthlingorgeous Says:

    I’m not a bookwork really I only read a few books that interest me Robert Heinlein tops my favorite author. Honestly the last book I finished reading was R.A. Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt Book IV and I am still inching my way to finish the Shopaholic series.

    But ebooks are awesome too I have a site I bookmarked with all the Ebooks you can dload maybe I’ll share later :) Cheers!

  3. admin Says:

    Hello Rubz! I’ve added your Reviewers Haven already :-)

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