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I have been looking for a Nissin flash for my Nikon D40 over the internet for sometime now. Most of the brands that are I found are of the other third party brands, all of which I have not heard of. After days of looking for one, I was finally able to find one For Sale via the OLX Classified Ads.

flash nissin for nikon

Here is the one that I am hoping to get a hold of very soon. What is nice about shopping in this site is that I can pay via PayPal. I have always been more comfortable doing transactions via PayPal. I am going to contact the seller very soon. I think the P6,000 price is fair enough and it does include some of the other things that I am hoping to buy for camera like: Sanyo Ni-MH Battery Charger and 4 pcs AA R6 Eneloop Batteries plus a light diffuser. It can be frustrating to take pictures when it’s dim and you do not have a decent flash to give your subject the justice it deserves.

This Classified Ads site is one great find and I am sharing it with the hubby who is helping a fellow pastor find a 1999 CRV. They have been around the metro the past few days scrutinizing some prospective ones. I saw one from Cars Manila that they might approve of.

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  1. Janette Toral Says:

    Did you end buying one na? I just posted an ad there also promoting our SoftDev conference this Feb. 24 under Makati/Events, hope it will attract participants.

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