Home security for peace of mind

When the helper that we were supposed to hire stood me up last month, we knew that it was not yet time. It was particularly hard for us to decided to hire a helper primarily because we have survived nine years helper free. But as much as we want it to stay that way, we became okay with hiring one so that I can better do the essential things I do around the house.

Prioritize homeschooling my son for instance. Having a helper will allow for me to focus and not cook our lunch during the time that my son does a seat work. I can also better do my job as a virtual assistant because someone else can assist me with taking care of the house. I might have to resort though to installing security cameras for the times that we will have to leave our son with the helper. Just to be sure. The one that we hired in 2007 (who stayed for a couple of months), was caught hitting my two year old son. I’m having nothing of that anymore.

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